md-consult_istock_5107496Telehealth is the remote provision of healthcare services and health education, mediated by technology and high-speed networks. We have a long history in telehealth here at the University of Miami (UM), starting in 1973. Since then, UM telehealth has evolved to include clinical telehealth services and telehealth-related research and development, regional and international distance health education, and telehealth advocacy and standards development.

Our team has a broad base of experience in telehealth, including telehealth systems engineering and network architecture, telehealth operations management, telehealth research and program evaluation, and product development and testing. Senior team members have been actively involved in the leadership of international telehealth organizations, published and presented extensively on telehealth, and participated in the development of telemedicine standards, guidelines and best practices.

There are many telehealth services and research initiatives across the UM Miller School of Medicine enterprise, including: